Report on Annual General Meeting May 5 , 2012

The AGM of the London, Woodstock, St. Thomas, Stratford and Ingersol Area Council of CURC took place in Local 27 CAW hall in London on the May 5th 2012. The meeting was attended by 21 people from various affiliates of the CLC.

Len Hope spoke about CURC and updated those in attendance about the growth of the CURC from coast to coast with the formation of more new Area Councils, our Magazines, our e-newsletters, our Lobbies with the Federal Government, our participation in the fight to increase the Canada Pension Plan, the OAS and the GIS as well as the cut backs in Health Care.

The newest development CURC has undertaken, “Pre Retirement Training Program”, was explained and noted we had two of our newly trained Discussion Leaders in attendance.

The Key Note Speaker was Irene Matheson MP Cretic for Seniors and Pensions from London. Irene spoke about how the Federal Government doesn’t seem to want to plan anything for working people especially when it comes to Pensions when only 30% of Canadians have a private Pension Plan. Irene also spoke about Health Care, Home Care and Pharmacare.

Hector McLellan gave a report about the fight back campaigns on the Income Security, and the Caterpillar Strike.

The Elections were then held with Len Hope chairing the proceedings.


  • President Hector McLellan CAW
  • Vice President Terry Coleman USW
  • Financial Secretary Sandy Bell CAW
  • Recording Secretary Elaine McMurray CUPW
  • Member at Large Monty Fielding CAW
  • Member at Large Brian Sharp OPSEU

The photo from left to right shows standing: Len Hope, Brian Sharp, Terry Coleman, Hector McLellan, and Monty Field. Seated from left are Sandy Bell and Elaine Murray

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