BC Forum upgrades services to seniors

Diane Wood, secretary of BC Forum, outlined continuing administrative changes to help it to better represent BC seniors.  Equipment and facilities have been upgraded to reach members by newsletter, e-mail, mail, telephone and in-person.
Outreach and recruitment are increasingly necessary to keep and grow membership and she thanked unions who paid the first year membership for retirees.  Also, simplified membership renewals with several options for payment reduced workload and a membership card has been introduced.
BC Forum continues to campaign for working and retired families and individuals including a brief to a provincial legislative committee on budget priorities and briefs to federal and provincial governments on CPP as well as supporting the CLC CPP campaign.
Forum participates in coalitions including the Coalition to Build a Better BC, the BC Health Coalition continuum of care committee, the Lower Mainland United Way labour committee, the 70-member Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC (COSCO) as well as CURC.
Liaison with labour through the BC Federation of Labour and labour councils has resulted to date in affiliation and delegate status in more than half of labour councils.
Bill Silvester, BC Forum Second Vice-President, stressed need for organizational strength to give Forum ‘a much louder voice’ on public issues such as pensioners harmed by the Nortel bankruptcy.

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