British Columbia seniors want stronger national coordination from CURC



The British Columbia Federation of Retired Union Members (BCForum) has submitted six resolutions for the upcoming Convention of the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC) next 19-21 September in Toronto, saying efforts at provincial levels have to be matched by strong national coordination of activities.

The BCForum predates the existence of CURC and remains to date one of its strongest provincial organizations. It has recently emerged from an Annual General Meeting, where BC’s premier John Horgan was a keynote speaker.

Observers who visit BCForum’s website can be struck by the depth of content to its pages, Facebook, quarterly newsletter, and decision-making structure. So too by its 2,000-strong membership, with some resources and staff to enable effective actions, over a broad range of issues.

President Diane Wood attributes the success of the organisation to the direct representation of union leaders on its Board and by the involvement of its members – as delegates – to each of sixteen Labour Councils, scattered throughout the province.

Diane Wood with BC Premier John Horgan

BCForum President Diane Wood with BC Premier John Horgan at the recent Annual General Meeting of the BC Forum — a provincial affiliate of the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC).
Says Wood: “The upcoming CURC Convention is critical to its survival as a sustainable organisation.”

“Our Board is made up of nominees from affiliates of the BC Federation of Labour, whose President is the constitutional chair of the Forum and which provides resources to the Forum’s functioning.” She says after the AGM, the Board elects the Officers of BCForum. The President of BCForum an Executive Council member of the BC Federation of Labour.

Wood says the Forum’s makeup ensures that decisions automatically fall within the scope of union affiliates, through follow up on issues or campaigns with their membership and the provision of resources to support activities. The Forum thus enjoys a political status with the government and other stakeholders.

At the Annual General Meeting over 100 members from throughout BC heard about the Forum’s progress on many issues, including that of premiums and access to health services, electoral reform, pharmacare and protecting pensions, most of which will be discussed at the upcoming CURC Convention in Toronto.

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