CURC endorses boycott of Carnival Cruises


Update April 8:

Sisters and Brothers:

The workers at Crown Holdings have been on strike for over seven months, and need your help.

They represent one plant on strike out of 147 Crown plants – and cannot win this strike alone.

Please join the LabourStart campaign and ask Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to intervene to protect Ontario workers against the attack by this American multinational by visiting

Please spread the word about this new petition campaign with Facebook and Twitter or just send an email with a link to your friends, neighbors and family.

Also, you can hear from the striking workers directly on a CBC radio program that aired recently at

Ken Neumann,
USW National Director

News release from CURC:

OTTAWA, MARCH 4, 2014 – The 500,000 member strong Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC) announced today it is endorsing the growing boycott of Carnival Cruises until a six-month-long labour dispute at Crown Holdings is resolved.

“We are sending a strong message with this boycott,” said CURC President Pat Kerwin. “Carnival’s CEO Arnold Donald knows that his business relies on decent wages, pensions and vacation time that allow workers and seniors to take cruises. Yet, in his role as Crown Holdings director, he’s supporting an attack on workers that would permanently slash wages for new workers and keep pensions low for existing workers who have been making sacrifices for years. We want Carnival’s CEO to know Canadian union retirees won’t be taking his cruises unless he acts to offer Crown workers a fair deal.”

“CURC’s decision to boycott Carnival is crucial and we applaud it. There is no doubt that union retirees represent a good part of Carnival’s business and that makes CURC’S announcement today especially significant,” said Ken Neumann, United Steelworkers (USW) National Director.

“There are literally tens of thousands of retirees who could afford to take Carnival’s cruises because of decent union pensions. Carnival stands to lose a lot of customers here, and even more as we continue to expand the boycott.”

Since Sept. 6, 2013, 120 USW members have been walking the picket line at Crown’s Toronto metal packaging facility in an attempt to fend off the company’s ruthless cuts, including a two-tier wage plan that would permanently reduce new and younger workers’ wages by up to $9/hour.

The Carnival boycott is part of the USW’s campaign to expose each member of Crown’s board of directors and hold them accountable for the company’s lack of fairness towards the Toronto workers.

Arnold Donald sits on the compensation committee of Crown’s board and approved paying the Crown CEO a compensation package equivalent to $6,000 per hour as well as lucrative executive retirement benefits, while remaining silent as the company slashed wages and benefits of workers throughout North America.

Carnival Corporation is the world’s largest cruise company and operates cruise ships under the Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Cunard, Aida, Ibero, P&O, Seabourn and Costa brands. All brands are covered under the boycott.

In addition to boycotting the cruise company, CURC is asking its members to send letters to Arnold Donald via an online campaign, at To date, nearly 8,000 letters have been sent.

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