South Central Area Council shows support for teachers

On April 29, members of the Executive of the South Central Area Council of CURC and National President Pat Kerwin walked the picket line with OSSTF District 13 members who are on strike for a decent agreement that improves the education of students.


Lyle Hargrove, President of the South Central Area Council, Lance Livingston, Unifor Local 222 Retirees Political Action Committee, Ben Loder, strike captain for OSSTF District 13 and Pat Kerwin, CURC President.


Andrea Horwath gave a spirited speech to the strikers and vowed to fight to protect public education.


Ann Horwath with Kerwin, Trish McAuliffe, Secretary of the CURC Area Council, Jennifer French, MPP for Oshawa, Hargrove and Livingston.


The CURC Area Council is continuing to walk the picket line for quality education.


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