Prescription drug costs “out of control:” CHC conference

The Congress of Union Retirees of Canada has since its inception been a strong advocate for a national pharmacare program. In May 2013, the Canadian Health Coalition brought together experts from both Canada and abroad to look in depth at the issues around drug coverage and its cost.

In its welcoming message, the Health Coalition noted that “prescription drugs are out of control in Canada, due mostly to our fragmented patchwork system of public and private drug plans. We pay among the world’s highest prices for our drugs and we have among the fastest rates of growth in drug costs among OECD countries. Prescription drugs are the second highest spending area in the Canadi8an health care system. There are also serious access issues – one Canadian out of ten does not fill their prescription because of their unaffordable costs.”

The conference posed the questions “Can we afford to implement universal Pharmacare in Canada? Can we afford not to?”

Now you can listen to what was said by going to:

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