Get involved! CUPE campaign outlines activities

We are at a critical moment in the campaign to increase CPP benefits. This June, finance ministers from across Canada are meeting to decide whether or not to expand the Canada Pension Plan. The majority of provinces representing the majority of Canadians support expansion.

Our job is to build pressure on provincial finance ministers, with a focus on Ministers Flaherty and Menzies’ and, provincial leaders- specifically Ministers of Finance in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick. We ensure that there is consensus agreement from the provinces at that meeting, as well as a commitment to a CPP expansion plan without unattainable and unrealistic economic thresholds.

Our campaign strategy is to build political support, demonstrating a diverse coalition of support for CPP expansion from non-traditional allies and mobilizing the public to show visible support in communities. Our tactics include a petition, lobby meetings, media work and a day of action in target regions.

What you can do

Sign and circulate petition: The petition is a tool to have conversations with people and engage them in the campaign. It is also a way of demonstrating the numbers of supporters we have, so we want to be getting lots of signatures. We encourage you to print out hard copies of the petition and circulate in your workplace and at progressive events in your community.

Participate in media conversations: When you are reading a newspaper and there is an article about CPP, please write letters to the editor. Also please take time to share content online from CUPE’s Facebook page, and tweet using hashtags #expandcpp and #cdnpoli.

Build a team in your community: Reach out to potential allies in your community to ask them to join the campaign. Examples of groups you can ask to circulate the petition and join the Day of Action include: local labour council, retiree networks, senior advocacy networks, social justice organizations, student organizations, and anti-poverty groups.

Day of Action On the week of May 24th we are asking folks to organize a day of action on CPP expansion. The focus will be on planned actions to deliver signed petitions to finance ministers.

Steps to Organizing Day of Action

  • Pick a location that makes sense for your community. Try to find something that connect to the Minister of Finance.
  • Pick a time where workers will be able to join you and when you can have the most impact in terms of visibility, and being seen by decision makers. Make sure you are not at the same time as other events.
  • Create a logistics team or point person that will think through any details you will need to make your event run smoothly. Some things to consider are: Do you need a sound system? Permit? Are you marching or standing stationery? Make sure you have a day off point person and a liaison for officials.
  • Promote the event through a use of posters, emails, community event listing, media coverage, leaflets, and any other thing you can do. Make sure to invite community allies and everyone who has signed the petition.
  • Day of event make sure to take lots of photos and to send them to tdonaldson@cupe vytorin 10 CUPE will be doing central media support, and will provide template press releases, and action material.

Campaign Materials Provided

  • Online and print version petition
  • National Expand CPP flyer that we can tailor for regional information
  • Action poster template (pending)
  • Template local media release (pending)

Please send a copy of completed petitions to National Office. We are organizing an action in Ottawa where we submit all of the petitions collected to Flaherty. You can either fax or mail to the attention of Tria Donaldson to: 1375 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 0Z7 or fax: (613) 237-5508.

Staying in touch

You can stay up-to-date with the latest news in pensions, by joining the CUPE pension network. You can find out more information

If you have any questions, please contact Tria Donaldson at

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