Health, senior & labour groups forge agreement on pharmacare campaign in Alberta

Representatives from health, seniors’ and labour groups in Alberta will be joining organizations across Canada to make pharmacare an election issue at upcoming provincial and federal elections.

The groups responded to a call issued by the Alberta Federation of Union Retirees (AFUR) to meet at United Nurses of Alberta Edmonton headquarters earlier this week to explore ways of working together toward a universal prescription drug plan.  They agreed to work from a common calendar, aimed at applying pressure on Alberta and the Federal government to implement such a program by 2020.

Representatives from the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the Alberta Ministry of Health presented elements of a universal prescription plan that would achieve accessibility, universality and other features of a comprehensive plan.  It was agreed that these would be focal points in a campaign to begin in early 2018 under the direction of a working group that would coordinate actions, resources, and tools of engagement.

According to AFUR President Lucien Royer, the agreement this week builds on a growing number of organisations and social movements across the country that are determined to make pharmacare a reality, in unison with public health care

“National organisations such as the Canadian Health Coalition (CHC), Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC) have already made it a national priority and many more are joining the effort” he said.

“We know that 92% of Albertans support a universal program, and we are therefore upbeat about the positive momentum for change and the prospects it presents for common strategies to coalesce at upcoming elections”.

Organizations participating in the campaign include:

  • Alberta Council on Aging (ACA)
  • Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL)
  • Alberta Federation of Union Retirees (AFUR)
  • Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)
  • Canadian Health Coalition (CHC)
    Council of Canadians
  • Friends of Medicare (FOM)
  • Global Foundation for Harmony & Sustainable Development
  • Public Interest Alberta (PIA)
  • Seniors Action & Liaison Team (SALT)
  • Seniors United Now (SUN)

AFUR is the provincial body that coordinates the work of CURC in Alberta. It coordinates the efforts of local area councils across the province. Follow up to this weeks meeting is already planed by at a special dinner of the Edmonton Area Council this Sunday 10 December 6:00 pm.  Further information about this meeting can be obtained from the Edmonton President at

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