Housing, health care & pension issues dominate CURC’s national convention

CURC convention attendees

Nearly 100 delegates from across the country crowded into yesterday’s opening session of the CURC national convention here in Toronto to hear from key activists about how retirees could help shape outcomes on health care, pensions and housing issues.

Panel leaders

John Anderson from the Ottawa Council on Aging was the first to lead a panel by highlighting elements of a national housing strategy. Natalie Mehra of the Ontario Health Coalition spoke about the dangers of a two-tier health system and the need to defend the principles of the Canada Health Act, while Elisabeth Ballermann of the National Union of Public and General Employees exposed the shortcomings of existing or pro-posed public and private pension plans.

Convention documents made public yesterday contain more than 50 resolutions for debate on some of these issues over the next few days. They call on governments and other actors to beef up their resolve to address issues that retirees are concerned about through better policies, legislation, financial measures, training and education or political action.

Today CURC members will also consider amendments to their constitution and will hear from keynote speakers about pharmacare, women’s issues and pension reforms.

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