Ottawa Area Council protests hospital cuts

Protesting the Cuts

CURC Ottawa Area Council joined the Ontario Health Coalition rally on June 12 at the Ottawa office of Bob Chiarelli, the senior minister responsible for Ottawa in the Ontario government headed by Kathleen Wynne. We want to make it clear to the government that 9 years in a row funding cuts for our Ottawa hospitals must stop. Funding has been frozen at 0% increase. Hospital budgets are not keeping pace inflation, let alone population’s growth and its aging.

Hospitals cannot maintain existing services, and are cutting professional staff, beds, services such as physiotherapy and diagnostics, not to mention housekeeping staff and food services.

In Ottawa 224 nurses have been cut at the Ottawa Hospital in departments such as oncology, dialysis, geriatrics, transitional care, obstetrics, infection control, endoscopy and neurosurgery.

The Raging Grannies

This year, another 35 nurses, health professionals and support staff are on the chopping block as our hospitals are forced to cut $26 million. All Ottawa’s hospitals are running at dangerous levels of overcrowding. Emergency rooms are back-logged, and patients are waiting on stretchers in hallways.

At the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, 35 positions have already been cut and another 27 full-time equivalent nursing positions are to be cut. At the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, 18 positions (12 % of its workforce) slated to be cut this year.

Larry Rousseau NCR PSAC VP

At Elizabeth Bruyere Continuing Care, 20 personal care attendants and 140 more staff have been cut. There is a plan to contract out and privatize virtually all our home care system, using a competitive bidding process.

Ontario’s public hospital funding on per capita basis is the lowest in Canada. Over the last twenty years, 18,500 hospital beds have been eliminated in Ontario. This includes half of acute care beds and complex continuing care beds. Ontario has cut more nursing hours per patient than anywhere in Canada.

Emergency wait times are the longest in Canada, and in fact are surpassed only by Mexico and Turkey.

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