Seniors Vote: Collaborating organizations

National Pensioners Federation (NPF) National advocacy organization of seniors’ groups and individuals
CARP National advocacy organization for older Canadians
Réseau FADOQ Quebec Seniors advocacy organization
Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC) Union retirees across Canada
National Association of Federal Retirees Retired public servants, veterans and RCMP
Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) Retired teachers from 10 provinces and Yukon territory
Canadian Alliance of United Seniors (CAUS) Seniors organization
Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of British Columbia (COSCO) Advocacy group for 75+ BC seniors’ organizations
Professional Institute of the Public Sector of Canada Government scientists and professionals
Service Employees International Union Retirees (SEIU) Retired Healthcare workers
Communications Workers of Canada Retirees Council Communications industry retirees
Unifor Retirees Retired workers from a cross section of industries across Canada
Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR) Retired Steelworkers and spouses
Police Pensioners Association of Ontario (PPAO) Retired police and civilians
Ontario Federation of Union Retirees (OFUR) Ontario retirees
Retired Members Division of Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Retired Ontario public employees
PEI Federation of Union Retirees PEI retirees
Saskatchewan Seniors Association Incorporated (SSAI) Saskatchewan Seniors
Saskatchewan Union Retirees Federation Saskatchewan retirees
BC Federation of Retired Union Members BC retirees
Alberta Federation of Union Retirees Alberta retirees
Nova Scotia Government Retired Employees Association (NSGREA) Retired Nova Scotia public servants
Nova Scotia Federation of Union Retirees Nova Scotia retirees
Federation of Senior Citizens and Pensioners of Nova Scotia (FSCPNS) Nova Scotia seniors
New Brunswick Federation of Union Retirees New Brunswick retirees
Manitoba Federation of Union Retirees Manitoba retirees
British Columbia Teachers Union Retirees Retired BC school teachers
The Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO/ERO) College, university, school faculty and support staff
Social Services Network (SSN) Social services agency serving South Asian community in York region
CUPE Ontario-Retirees-Network Retired Ontario public employees
Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic Legal Aid Clinic
Toronto and York Region Labour Council Toronto and York Region unionized workers and families
Colour of Poverty/Colour of Change Network (COPC) Ontario anti-poverty, anti-racism network
Toronto Retirees Network Toronto-based retirees
Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC), Toronto and York Region Council (T&YR Council) Toronto and York Region retirees
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