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April, 2016

CURC compliments government on budget measures, but seeks improvements

October, 2015

CURC marks UN Day of Older Persons with focus on seniors’ issues

August, 2015

Convention report; Crown boycott ends; Seniors Vote

May, 2015

Seniors Vote meets political parties; CURC’s 12th convention

December, 2014

Violence against women

March, 2014

CURC joins Carnival Cruise boycott

November, 2013

CURC holds largest-ever convention

October, 2013

CURC’s 11th Constitutional Convention

May, 2013

CURC’s new-look website

July, 2012

Spreading the message through social media

June, 2012

Executive meets with Official Opposition; convention date sent

March-April, 2012

Federal budget, Retirement courses, Health fair

September, 2011

CURC’s 10th Constitutional Convention

March, 2011

Pensions, Bob Mackenzie, regional reports

November, 2010

Special edition on pension reform

August, 2010

National summit on seniors’ issues, Action across Canada, Shirley Carr, Jim MacDonald, Claude Edwards.

May, 2010

A tribute to Larry Wagg, CURC’s presentation to the Task Force on Economic Literacy, Primary Health Care, Liz Barcley, Edward Levert.

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