50th Anniversary of Medicare Conference

by Betty Pickering, President, SFUR

The Saskatchewan Federation of Union  Retirees is pleased to co-sponsor the 22nd Annual Conference of the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism.

The Conference will be held May 16 & 17th  2012  at Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina. Registration is $60.00 or if you are 55+   $50.00. (lunch will also be included on the 16th).  Registration deadline is May 10, 2012. See poster and brochure below for details.

There are five guest speakers:

Louise Simard, former Minister of Health will speak on the History of Medicare.

Glen Diecs, Home Care Consultant and Leanne Rein, Special Care Home Consultant will speak on Long Term care and Home Care.  Both Glen and Leanne are from the Ministry of Health.

Lynn Digney-Davis, Chief Nursing Office will speak on Medicare – the Present and Future.  Lynn is the Chief Nursing Officer with the Ministry of Health.

Alison Hayford, Professor Emeritus, U of R, Sociology Dept will speak on the History of Canada’s Pensions, Current Demographics and the Effect of Changes in Pension Policy to Seniors and Their Income

The conference will discuss the History of Medicare as this year is the 50th Annniversary of Medicare in our Province.  The Conference will reflect on the important leadership  role Seniors have played in developing Medicare in our Province and Country.  This Conference will encourage Seniors to remain active and vigilant about the direction that health care is going today and in the future.

The Conference will discuss the timely policy issues in CURC, the Labour Movement and  our Country under the Federal and Provincial governments – what is happening in Home care , Long term care and Pensions.
Information will be shared by the Health Ministry as to the present direction of health care today and in the Future.

We would encourage all seniors,  SFUR/CURC members, their family and friends and the general public to attend this timely and vital conference that will provide information, discussion and debate on issues that will directly affect a major portion of  the population living in our Province and Country  today.

Conference brochure

Conference Poster

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