Delegates pay moving tribute to Layton, Wagg, Riche

October 13, 2011
(L to R) Jack Layton, Larry Wagg, Nancy Riche

CURC officers and delegates paid moving tributes to Jack Layton, former CURC President Larry Wagg and former CLC Vice-President Nancy Riche at its 10th Constitutional Convention Oct. 13.

Executive member Louisette Hinton spoke of Jack’s integrity and great contributions to Canada. Her remarks were followed by a musical tribute that put the words of Jack’s final letter to Canadians to music.

Past-President Dan McNeil and Vice-President Robert McGarry paid tribute to Larry Wagg. “We all owe a great deal to Larry,” said McNeil. “Larry will never be forgotten here. Larry will always be CURC.” McGarry said “We’ll always remember him as one who built this organization and we’ll never forget him.”

CURC President Pat Kerwin spoke of his shock and sadness at hearing of the passing of former CLC Vice-President Nancy Riche. “She never missed a beat when she retired,” he said. “All of us who knew her really well are very sad.” Kerwin said much of the credit for the NDP’s recent success in Newfoundland is due to Nancy’s work. Vice-President Diane Wood gave an emotional tribute in which she said that Nancy “never went backwards when she could go forward. I’m proud to say we were able to serve together in many positions in the labour movement for the equality of women.”

Delegates paused in their deliberations to observe a minute’s silence for members of CURC who had passed away since the last convention, calling out the names of those who will be missed in future.

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