Who We Are

More than half a million retired union members speak with one voice through the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada. Founded in 1991 as an affiliate of the Canadian Labour Congress, CURC advocates and lobbies on issues relevant to retired union members and their spouses.

Membership in CURC is open to retiree organizations of CLC-affiliated unions and individual retirees and their spouses. Members can get involved through CURC area councils and provincial or territorial federations.

The Executive Committee is elected at the convention held every three years. Together with representatives from each provincial and territorial federation, they make up the Executive Council, which meets at least twice a year.

CURC Constitution (Updated at 13th Convention 2018)

Executive and Council

Michael MacIsaac (IAM&AW) President
Louisette Hinton (UFCW) 1st Vice-President
Lyle Hargrove (UNIFOR) 2nd Vice-President
Mary Forbes (UNIFOR) Treasurer
Janice Bernier (SURF) Secretary
Marie Ste. Aubin (NLFUR) Member-At-Large (Women)
Irma Mohammed Member-At-Large (Worker of Colour and Indigenous)
Vacant Communications
Sam Wiese B.C. Federation of Union Retirees – BC Forum
Ray Domeij Alberta Federation of Union Retirees
Kim Wehner Saskatchewan Union Retirees Federation
Paul Moist Manitoba Federation of Union Retirees
Suzanne Clancy Ontario Federation of Union Retirees
Louis Larivière Quebec Federation of Union Retirees
Marilyn Brenner NB Federation of Union Retirees
Vacant PEI Federation of Union Retirees
Daniel Reid Newfoundland and Labrador Union Retirees Federation
Margaret Anne McHugh Nova Scotia Federation of Union Retirees

Past Presidents

Bill Chedore, CLCPRA
Len Hope, CAW / Unifor
Pat Kerwin, CLCPRA
Dan McNeil, SOAR
Larry Wagg, CLCPRA
Edith Johnston, CAW

Our Location

2841 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 8X7

Phone (613) 526-7422
Fax (613) 521-4655
Email curc@clcctc.ca

Federations and Area Councils

There are both provincial Federations and local Area Councils of union retirees across Canada. Click below to view our list of provincial federations and local area councils. CURC is a growing organization, and more Federations and Councils are being added regularly. Check back to see the most up-to-date list.

Provincial Federations

Area Councils