Hearts & minds of activists to galvanize national convention of retirees

September 18, 2018

With a Federal election nearly one year away delegates from throughout the country are now making their way to Toronto for the biennial convention of the Congress of Union Retirees (CURC).

As seniors are soon expected to outnumber 14-year-olds for the first time — reaching 23% of the Canadian population — the issues to deal with loom large for delegates to consider, with housing, healthcare and pensions at the forefront.

Invigorated by one of the Convention documents outlining the extensive activities by the membership in recent times, CURC President Len Hope insists that these can be transformed into building blocks for improving the plight of retirees into the next decade.

“CURC has captured the hearts and minds of many,” he says. “With a Federal election looming in 2019, this Convention must decide on priorities and resources for making a real difference to the outcome”.

At an advance meeting of CURC’s Executive Committee today leaders from every province were upbeat in anticipating rich discussion at the Convention that could lead to stronger national co-ordination of activities.

While delegates will adopt resolutions on a wide range of issues their minds will also be dominated by who will lead CURC into the next election. The election of a new executive promises to crystalize the flavour of the entire convention.

Scott Duvall, NDP M.P., is scheduled to speak at CURC’s Gala dinner during convention.

Duvall introduced a Private Member’s Bill to save workers’ pensions.

Other speakers at the convention:
• John Anderson, Ottawa Council on Aging
• John Cartwright, Toronto–York Region Labour Council
• Marc-Andre Gagnon, Carlton University
• Donald Lafleur, Canadian Labour Congress
• Natalie Mehra, Ontario Health Coalition
• Suze Morrison, Ontario NDP MP

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