Don Wright honoured with CURC Award

March 13, 2014

Don Wright, a founding member of the Toronto and York Area Council of CURC received the CURC Award at our 2013 Convention. Don has been an activist for social justice throughout his adult life. He has raised funds for the Ontario Health Coalition (OHC) and the NDP among others.

The CURC Award is presented at every convention to honour a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the labour movement, the community and the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada.

Don Wright (left) is congratulated by Secretary Bob McGarry on being named recipient of the CURC Award.

Don has actively lobbied government officials at all levels on behalf of such causes as the Toronto Library Association, public education, public health care, poverty, international development, pension improvement and labour rights.

Within his union, OSSTF, Don has always been actively engaged. He was a founding member of OSSTF’s retiree group, ARM Council, and was a founding member of ARM Ch. 12, Toronto, where he served on the executive for 14 years. He served as President of his Local and as a Provincial Councillor prior to retirement and served on Provincial Committees.

Don has worked on more than a dozen federal and provincial NDP campaigns over 4 decades. He has served the party as a Provincial Councillor for at least three ridings. He has served on NDP Riding Association executives, currently on both the federal and provincial executives in Etobicoke-Centre.

Within CURC, Don has been a strong advocate and leader. He was instrumental in the planning, founding and elected leadership of the Toronto and York Area Council in 2008. He assisted with the start-up of the South Central Area Council. Don has lobbied local union presidents for their help in recruiting members. He has lobbied MPP’s and MP’s on issues of importance to the CLC and CURC. He has also trained union retirees in lobbying techniques.

As part of his quest to create a better world (and get it organized) Don helped to create the Toronto Retirees Network in 2012 and currently sits of its Steering Committee.

This only covers the highlights of Don’s many voluntary contributions to our well-being. Don Wright is a more than worthy recipient of the CURC Award. We are so fortunate to have his interest, commitment and involvement.

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