Union retirees meet to talk election issues

October 18, 2013

Union retirees from across Canada will talk about the issues facing retirees and senior citizens when they gather in Ottawa, October 22nd to the 25th for the Eleventh Constitutional Convention of the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada.

CURC, acts as an advocacy group on behalf of union retirees and senior citizens. The theme for this year’s convention is Retirees: Building for the future.

CURC President Pat Kerwin says with an ageing population and retirees living longer, Canadians need to think about how we can creatively meet the opportunities and challenges that this presents. He says retirees need solutions that meet not only their needs, but those of their children and grandchildren.

Kerwin notes pensions is a timely topic for the delegates considering finance ministers will discuss proposals to expand the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) when they meet in December. CURC supports the Canadian Labour Congress proposals for expanding the CPP/QPP and improving the OAS and GIS. CURC also opposes the government’s decision to move the retirement age from 65 to 67 and will make it an issue for the next federal election.

The convention will open on the evening of the 22nd with a presentation from Ed Broadbent, chair of the Broadbent Institute, on Equality and the Role of Unions.

During the week delegates will hear from presenters and debate resolutions on a large number of topics, including health care, pharmacare, home care, housing, and taxes.

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